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  1. New Designers 2013

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    The response to the insect sculptures was immense when they were displayed at New Designers part 1 2013. Lots of new ideas were generated from the conversations that took place at the event, watch this space.

  2. Hornet

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    The Hornet is an assemblage of hundreds of individual components. The machine like qualities are perfectly balanced by the wooden elements. The piece has a distinct character which is enhanced by the aged appearance which has given it a ‘life history’.

    The wings are sprung loaded and are repositionable as are the legs to offer a variety of different poses.

    Charred maple, steel, brass and copper

  3. Assembly. The beast emerges!

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    Started making all the brass sprung loaded pistons and other thingamajigs. Starting to get a feel for the scale of this piece (massive). Next I have to assemble all the wing mounts which means soldering steel… yay! Well here goes.