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  1. Chainfish

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    Chainfish was created following the breakdown of my old chainsaw.

    Spalted Ash, Maple, Oak, Steel, Brass and Chainsaw Bar

  2. Fruitwood Nautilus

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    Spalted Fruitwood Shell mounted on a base of found steel.

    Spalted Fruitwood, Copper, Brass, Steel and found objects.

  3. Ol’ Crusty

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    Angler fish lamp made from both reclaimed and specially created components.

    Spalted Ash, Patinated Copper, Six Inch Nails, Brass, Maple and reclaimed objects.

  4. Nautilus

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    Coin on base is to distinguish scale.

    Spalted Ash, Steel, Copper and Brass

  5. Nautilus

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    Currently working on a series of projects, I was really pleased with how the hermit crab had turned out so I thought I would have a go at a similar piece, the Nautilus. This is much larger than the Hermit and will have a greater number of components. The wood I have used for the shell is Spalted Ash. The pencil demonstrates the scale of this piece. Next step will be forming the tentacles.

  6. Octopus

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    Octopus made from reclaimed materials. The chain-mail is made from stripped electrical wiring, legs are Spalted Ivy.

    Copper, Brass, Burr Oak and Spalted Ivy


  7. Tri-pod

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    Inspired by gothic architecture, the Tri-pod saw the first introduction of a wooden element, the combination of the warm wood within the cold steel was a welcome one. The stylized form can be maneuvered into a variety of poses allowing it to be suited to its setting.

    Spalted Ash, steel and brass