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  1. Dragonfly

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    Dragonfly is a hybrid with influences taken from both Dragonflies and Damselflies. The 806 holes in the wings are hand cut  and then carved to create veining. The Abdomen section is turned from Purple Heart the mechanical parts are all turned from Brass.

    African Black wood, Purple Heart, Oak, Maple, Brass and Copper

  2. Dragonfly

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    I have started on a very ambitious project, Dragonfly. This piece will be mage mostly of carved Oak and Brass. I have made a start on the intricate wings, the holes have all been pierced out by hand (over 800 holes). I have worked into the surface with chisels creating veining and different levels. So far the wings have taken about 30 hours. The nest stage will be to begin creating a body section and hanging system for the wings.

  3. Hornet

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    The Hornet is an assemblage of hundreds of individual components. The machine like qualities are perfectly balanced by the wooden elements. The piece has a distinct character which is enhanced by the aged appearance which has given it a ‘life history’.

    The wings are sprung loaded and are repositionable as are the legs to offer a variety of different poses.

    Charred maple, steel, brass and copper