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  1. TriPod ‘Goliath’

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    Based on the design of ‘TriPod’, a piece I designed at college. This upscaled version is posable and can be fixed in different positions. Unlike the original version that was laser cut, this piece has been fabricated from a multitude of small hand made components. The Piece was conceived for exhibition at the Fresh Air Sculpture Show.

    Solid Steel and Oak

  2. Tripod legs in production

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    Work has begun on the steel legs for Tripod. Some design changes have had to take place due to the size of the piece, instead of the whole leg been cut from 20mm thick solid the majority of the leg will be made up of a framework, only the tips and pivot points will be from solid sheet. Really pleased with the rapid grogress.

  3. Manta

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    Created from copper as part of the Nautiform range of pieces. The work was intended to represent a futuristic underwater craft and contains bulkheads and internal detail that could be seen through holes in the underside.

    Patinated copper, Brass and Steel


  4. Tripodic egg

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    Getting my head in gear for a tripod walking machine sculpture. Here are some concept ideas. Going to use water jet components in this project. Think war of the worlds meets captain Nemo.